Murray - a nationally recognized professional gunsmith who has been continually learning his trade, every day, for the past 41 years. He has built custom firearms for clients throughout North America and Europe. He is an accomplished firearms teacher and mentor, and a Master Instructor for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. Murray has been training and certifying instructors, in law enforcement across Canada, in ASP baton, tear gas, OC, distraction devices, low light shooting techniques, and Taser. He has contracted for more than 25 years with corporations, and their staff, for bear defense and shooting technique courses. Murray has been training students in the art of handgun accuracy since 1972 and through the use of his expertise, has developed numerous, highly popular firearms courses.

Mike - immigrated to Canada from England in 2006, to create a better life for himself and his family. He is a trained and experienced electronics engineer and is an expert at servicing the Taser as well as numerous makes and models of flashlights. While owning firearms in England is a near impossibility, Mike is now a proud owner of several handguns, rifles and shotguns. He reloads his own ammunition and is dedicated to improving his shooting accuracy. He is constantly trying various shooting sports, and when not on the rugby pitch, Mike and his wife can be found at the range, thoroughly enjoying every aspect of shooting.


Keith - has been an avid shooter, in both rifle and handgun, for more than 50 years. Found at the range nearly every day, he has one simple goal - to have fun shooting! He has been reloading for over 38 years and maintains that he learns something new, and better, every time he sits down to reload.


Tim - We are excited to welcome Tim to our Partnership and our Company. Tim may be known as the “Missing Link” but for us he is our “Diamond in the Rough”. Tim’s love for gunsmithing finally won out and after getting his degree at University he forged ahead with his dream of being a gunsmith. His youth, excitement, dedication and how particular he is with his workmanship is a tremendous fit for our young company. He enjoys talking to customers and trying to help them. Since joining us, Tim and his Fiance have gotten the “Cowboy Shooting” bug and they both thoroughly enjoy the shooting sport. We do hope his new sport will not prevent him from continuing playing the Bag Pipes as we all enjoy starting our mornings with his playing “God Help us Today”. We are truly excited to have Tim on board and I know our customers will appreciate his service


We do hope you truly enjoy our web site. All of us are very excited about not only the web site but about being able to serve you, the customer, in a way that says how much we appreciate your business. Speaking of appreciation, Mike, Keith and I cannot say how proud and thankful we are, that our "secret weapon" is a lovely lady we call "Lady B." Without her, this entire web site would not have been possible. Her insight into our company and her extreme talent on the computer has made this web site possible. She is truly loved by all of us and saying "Thanks" just does not do justice to how much we appreciate her input, design and 100% effort on behalf of our new company. Barbara: from all of us, a special THANKS from our hearts for all you have done! We can't thank you enough for all your efforts.


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