Thank you for visiting our website! You, as a customer, have a choice of who you want to deal with, and we value you, your opinion, and your patronage.


Our business was established to distinguish itself in the area of customer service. There are numerous companies that provide our type of business, but our goal is to prove to our customers that our quality of service and friendliness are unsurpassed.


Murray, Mike and Keith started Murray Charlton Enterprises Ltd. with 5 goals in mind:

  • To provide high quality service at very reasonable prices.
  • To provide custom, quality work in better than average, turn-around time.
  • To succeed in having repetitive business from our clients.
  • To achieve that "Old Time" atmosphere where everyone we come in contact with, is not only a valued customer but also a colleague-in-arms.
  • To have fun doing the things at which we excel.

We know that it is an impossible task to make everyone completely happy, but rest assured that we three, and our staff, are committed to the task of giving our utmost effort in achieving this goal.


Robert Louis Stevenson once said, "We are all travellers in the wilderness of this world and the best that we can find is an honest friend." Our challenge is to not only find such honest friends, but to spend time with them and enjoy our hobbies, and interests, together!


From all of us, we thank you for joining us in our life's travels!



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